High Velocity, Geo-Thermal, and Standard Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

High Velocity, Geo-Thermal, & Standard Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

R.E. Morgan & Sons surpasses most other Vermont Air conditioning service providers by being on the leading edge of the latest environmentally-friendly technologies, while maintaining our commitment to installing and servicing conventional systems with better materials, better designs and better outcomes.

R.E. Morgan & Sons wants you to be comfortable in your Vermont home or work place?year round?that means cooling your Vermont home during the spring and summer evenly and efficiently. We offer the most advanced air conditioning systems available anywhere  guaranteed to provide unmatched comfort, save you money and reduce your energy bills from the day you flip the switch.

High Velocity Air Conditioning Systems

High velocity air conditioning systems are among the most energy efficient and cost-effective systems available. At generally 1/10th the size of a conventional system, they are ideally suited to retrofit your home, or complement any new construction project. High velocity systems? small size makes installation in existing spaces possible where it wasn?t before.

2 Inch Ducts

Compact insulated duct work can be chased in walls and floors where conventional duct work couldn?t go. The higher velocity delivery produced by the smaller ducts prevents energy loss in the distribution process, and removes 30% more humidity from your space than conventional systems.

Whisper-Quiet Performance

The system?s innovative design uses ?mini-ducts? to deliver and distribute reliable, conditioned air evenly throughout your home or office through sleek, subtle vents, and whisper quiet performance. Enjoy a peaceful, comfortable space.

Cleaner, Healthier Air

We can install a High-Velocity Air Conditioning system with allergen filtration in buildings or homes of any shape or size. We offer the most advanced systems from SpacePak and Unico?trusted, reliable brands with outstanding performance.

Geo-Thermal Cooling

Vermonters have the most reliable and consistent temperature source just below our feet. The earth?s natural constant temperature below the frost line is fairly constant at 45? to 70?F, and is the perfect non-fuel source for creating and distributing, or absorbing excess heat.

In the summer months when heat and humidity build up in your home, a geo-thermal cooling system removes heat and humidity from your home, transferring it to the earth and replacing it with cool, dry air. The earth?s natural ?heat sink? provides the most eco-friendly air conditioning system imaginable for your Vermont home.

Clean, Renewable, Sustainable and Right At Your Fingertips!

R.E. Morgan & Sons are experts at design, integration and installation of all geo-thermal cooling systems. Virtually maintenance-free and exceedingly efficient, our expert specialists will help you decide what configuration of earth-loop system is appropriate for your Vermont home or business, and design a system that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Standard Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Wherever your conditioned air comes from, you?ll require a reliable, efficient distribution system to deliver that cool air throughout your home or business. The standard ducted air conditioning system is still the stalwart of the industry, and today?s systems are light-years ahead of their cumbersome, leaky predecessors.

R.E. Morgan & Sons has over 100 years of professional experience, designing, installing and servicing traditional ducted air conditioning systems in Vermont. We have meticulously stayed on top of every trend and innovation in the industry giving us the ability to offer our Vermont customers the most advanced, energy efficient standard ducted systems available.

With the latest in insulation technology, high-efficiency air conditioners and virtually seamless ductwork, R.E. Morgan & Sons will make sure you?re getting the best value, and the most efficient system possible.

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