Radiant Floor Heating Design & Installation

Radiant Floor Heating Design & Installation

Nothing Says Comfort Like Radiant Floor Heating

Like a warm pair of slippers in every room of your Vermont home, or the comfort of the executive suite in every corner of the office; radiant floor heating provides clean, economical, reliable heat and concentrates that heat where you live?near the floor.

R.E. Morgan’s professional design and installation team gets to the heart of your Vermont heating needs and designs living systems around it. The water in a Uponor radiant heating system has the capacity to transport energy 3,500 times greater than air, so it can heat using less energy than any forced-air system on the market. Less energy means greater savings, keeping you warmer even with the thermostat turned down.

Sleek, Clean, Modern, and Environmentally Friendly

No more bulky, leaky duct work, or clanky blowers and fans; radiant systems are concealed beneath the floor and do not take up any valuable living or working space.  Say goodbye to vents, baseboards and radiators, and leave more room for you and your family to live and breathe easy.

Trust Vermont?s most reliable and award-winning plumbing and heating team to design a system that is specific to your needs right down to the smallest details– integrating green plumbing and heating technologies across your home heating spectrum.

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